5 to 12 years old programs



July (you can register the week/s that suit you better)
July 3rd to 28th (24th and 25th holiday)
July 31st to August 25th (14th and 15th holiday)


For children in Primary School


9:15 am to 5:30 pm


Daily swimming course


Horticulture, animal care, composting green waste

This camp combines academic and leisure activities. The program’s main goal is to develop the child’s abilities and autonomy while enjoying his/her own work. Activities include:

  • Daily swimming classe
  • At the school’s natural surroundings: horticulture, animal care, composting green wast
  • Academic review: Cognitive skills in reading comprehension, writing and speaking, calculation and mathematical reasoning
  • Bricolage (do-it-yourself) and robotics workshops

Optional piano, violin, guitar and transverse flute classes (hours to be agreed)

July prices

– Week of July 3rd to 7th: 218,36 €
– Week of July 10th to 14th: 218,36 €
– Week of July 17th to 21st: 218,36 €
– Week of July 26th to 28th: 131,01 €

Early bird registration: 5% discount (before April 30th for the July program)

August prices

– Week of  31st July to 4th August: 218,36 €
– Week of August 7th to 11th: 218,36 €
– Week of August 16th to 18th: 131,01 €
– Week of August 21st to 25th: 218,36 €

Early bird registration: 5% discount (before May 31st for the August program)

• Homemade breakfast
• One piece swimsuit (girls).
• Towel and flip flops.
• Sunscreen (children up to 6 years: we strongly encourage parents to apply sunscreen at home before bringing children to camp).
• Sun hat or baseball cap.
• Comfortable, lightweight sports clothing and sneakers.

Elementary students:
• Writing utensils (pencil, pen, pair of scissors, eraser, pencil sharpener, ruler and notebook).
• Ping pong paddle (optional).

NOTE: Everything must be marked with your child´s name and surname

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